Vape kits are full starter kits, that includes the base battery or mod section, tank and other miscellaneous accessories (charging cables, tools & spare parts) to ensure the user has everything required to start vaping. Mods (devices without built-in batteries) will require 18650 batteries to be purchased separately to operate, but when bought together in our bundle deals offer even greater savings!

There are 2-main categories of e-cigarettes and we separate them as Mouth to Lung (MTL) Basic Starter Kits and Sub-Ohm Direct to Lung (DTL) Advanced Kits:

MTL Starter Kits are specifically designed for new vapers who are serious about quitting or reducing their smoking habits. They are suited for use only for base (PG-based) e-liquids which are thinner but allow for a stronger throat hit and e-liquid ranges with higher nicotine content.

Sub-Ohm Kits are much more powerful devices, generally not recommended for beginners (people just starting on e-cigarettes). These kits have much more sophisticated set-up options and requires a steeper learning curve to understand the principles of sub-ohm vaping. These devices are suited only to thicker high VG based (>50%) e-liquids and nicotine strength is usually restricted to <6mg/ml due to the higher power output.

For your peace of mind, all vape kits have been rigorously safety tested by our team of product testers before being allowed to be sold on in our store. We stock only the most reliable and reputable brands in all of our ranges and our team are always at hand to help our customers choose the correct device for their needs.

As always, all products in our store include free 1st class Royal Mail delivery as standard.


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